How to look for the right influencers to work with? How to form solid influencer relationship? In the Brand: Influencers panel, social influencers from the food, fashion and fitness industry will share insights of influencer marketing. Come discover new ways to work with influencers to market your brand. 

What are the ingredients to build a successful brand? What are the unique challenges? The Brand: Builders panel will address these questions and more, from the perspective of founder-based startup MM.LaFleur all the way to a large established CPG company KraftHeinz looking to incubate and grow smaller brands with their recently launched Springboard platform.

Brands are constantly evolving. Often times, there comes a point in an establish brand’s life when it is time to adapt and refresh for a changing consumer landscape. In the Brand: Refresh panel we will hear about stories of rebranding, brand spin-offs, and reinvention of iconic and established brands like Amex, Honeywell, Gerber, Disney and Avon – including the unique challenges and strategies involved with successful reinvention.

In a fast-changing consumer environment, it is important for global brands to both drive innovation and be in touch with consumer behaviors and needs. The challenge of today’s brand managers is to take into account the cultural, administrative, geographic and economic differences of global consumers, as well as leverage the power and scale of globally diverse organizations. Our panelists will share their experiences in managing global brands, both from a consumer understanding and organizational perspective.

Is data brand’s friend or foe? Does too much data get in the way of crafting a great brand? Jon Dick will share more about how data can accelerate branding in a whole new way. Jon hails from HubSpot, the champion of inbound marketing and SaaS for small & medium businesses.

Brand: sponsorship in sports

Sponsorship in sports focuses on companies working with teams, organizations, or events to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty. This panel will dive into how to use the power of marketing for everything from sporting goods to the U.S Olympic Team. We welcome Nicole Mandel, Director of Sports Marketing at Ralph Lauren, and Colin Murphy, Senior Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Dick’s Sporting Good and HBS ‘18.

Modern Marketing – digital, big data, media, technology, walled gardens, programmatic, AI & blockchain, fraud… These are just some of the buzzwords in today’s marketing ecosystem. Marketing used to be focused on soft facts, brand positioning and qualitative targeting. Today a large role of marketing professionals lie with the coordination of the consumer tech-media-data ecosystem, which generates insights and facilitates their operationalization. Thought leaders in this new space, at the interface of marketing and technology, will share their experiences with McKinsey, with start-up that became giants then acquired by Yahoo and Oracle, with Venture Capital firms investing in cutting-edge technologies like MediaMath.