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Risa Teksten, Google

Risa demonstrates confidence and comfort working in deadline-oriented environments that require teamwork to produce results. Anextroverted 'people-person,' she thrives on interactions with clients,co-workers, and collaborators. A qualified specialist working in media/advertising, contributingstrategic and content development skills for online media andtelevision broadcasting. Has a unique academic and tactical familiarity with national securityissues and counter-terrorism. Worked with several U.S. governmentagencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S.Agency for International Development and the NYPD. Client-service experience includes: creative ideation, programmanagement, partnership development, organizational changemanagement, strategic communications, war-gaming and simulationdesign, security policy analysis, military-civilian interagencycoordination, and international competitiveness and developmentprogram implementation.Specialties: Media strategy consulting, client-service relations, onlinemedia, television broadcasting and international media, open sourceintelligence analysis, 'Alternative analysis', stakeholder outreach,national security policy


Pankaj Bhalla, P&G